Have you ever asked yourself where the vegetables you are buying come from? Or have you ever wondered when did we start to use the fork and knife?

If you are curious about gastronomy this is the place for you!

This website is dedicated to one single thing: food.

We base our daily diet on different aspects: the way we were raised, our nutritional goals, our purchasing capacity, and what the market offers us.

Our food choices affect not only our bodies but also our culture and environment. In this  way, our gastronomy hides valuable information of our history and becomes a useful tool to understand our society.

Here, you will find interesting information about food from different prospectives including:

  • Cultural
  • Nutritional
  • Economical
  • Environmental
  • Political
  • Artistic

As someone said before ‘we are what we eat’, so let’s be the best version of ourselves. Let’s  make this world better a bite at a time!

Manuel Rubio


[Featured image made by Manuel Rubio using Canva.com