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Delivery Apps VS Home Meals

Uber Eats, Deliveroo and other apps deliver almost any kind of meal to your place with just one click. Isn’t this amazing? Easy, simple and fast.

Apps – as any other kind of technology – were created to ease our lives. If you go to the App Store or Google Play, you will find an app for almost anything. Lately a new category became quite popular: delivery apps.

After thinking about why these apps became so popular I came to these 3 conclusions:  

1. People don’t like to spend time in the kitchen – at least not every day.

We live in a fast-paced society and – let’s admit it –  we are always complaining about our lack of time. Actually, time is becoming one of our most valuable assets, the more money we make, the more time we get to spare.

Where are we going?
Sometimes our fast paced lifestyle prevents us from enjoying the simple things in life. Image made by Manuel Rubio using

People are  working at least 9 to 5 – if they’re lucky ­­­– or running crazy shifts between 2 jobs and studying. At the end of the day you’re mentally tired and physically wrecked, but most of all, starving. The last thing you want to do is grab your Mastering the Art of French Cooking and get your hands on the 2-hour recipe.

The only thing you want to do is get some food and watch Netflix – #guiltypleasures.

Netflix and Chill? Image taken from 

2. No one wants to cook in a Polly Pocket’s kitchen! ­

As real estate prizes are higher than ever, people can’t afford a 10 square metres kitchen with an island anymore.

Cooking in a big, well-equipped kitchen is a pleasure, and if you also have a dishwasher is HEAVEN! But if you have just one stove, one pan and a mini counter, it can be a nightmare.

Despite if you’re an amateur or a professional chef in a 5-stars restaurant, there’s no worst feeling than having a messy kitchen.

I thought you said I cook and you clean.
No one want’s to clean the mess… Ain’t nobody got time for that! Image taken from and modified using

So, having on mind that many of us don’t have big kitchens anymore, it is quite understandable that we don’t aim for 3 course meals every night.

3. Groceries’ prices are on cloud nine.

Doing groceries is one of my favourite things: picking up the best and freshest veggies; choosing between thousands of hams and cheeses; being tempted in the snacks aisle by Nutella or any other chocolate; picking some mints at the cash and running to the back of the store to pick the milk I always forget… classic.

Milk or not milk, there’s something I can assure: prices are high as hell.

Maybe it’s the climate change or the over-demand of products, but cooking at home is definitely more expensive than before.

I thought you said I cook and you clean¡-2
Groceries’ prices are on cloud nine. Image made by Manuel Rubio using

On the other hand, fast-food restaurants are giving very cheap meals. You can easily get Pizza, Burger and Fries, Fried Chicken or any other kind of ‘cheat meal’ for around 15AUD.

In Woolworths, 320 grams of Angus Beef Burgers would cost 7.50 AUD, and you would still have to buy the bread, veggies, sauces, sides, drinks, AND COOK IT! No wonder why Mc Donald’s is so popular…

As a solution to our lack of time, space or money, we created delivery apps.

What a good solution! You can order your dinner on your way home and it will be waiting for you when you get there. Can you ask for more?

Even Polly needs some time to chill.
Even Polly needs some time to chill. Picture taken from

I love having the chance to order whatever I want with just one click; it’s easy, simple and fast.The only thing that I don’t like about these apps is that instead of bringing the food and the customer closer, they separate them.

Yes, just as you read. Delivery apps brings you the food, but they separate you from everything that’s behind it ­– what is it made of, how is it cooked, etc.

Imagine we are in Italy and everyone starts to order delivery pizza, pasta or any other thing.  After a few years, the only people who will know how to prepare them would be the restaurants, because no one is cooking them at home anymore. The same thing could happen in any other country, with any other product.

Food heritage, as any other kind of cultural heritage is shared from one generation to another.

My grand-grandmother taught my grandmother how to make a chocolate and coconut dessert, then she told my mom how to make it, and a few years ago my mom gave me the recipe. I make that dessert at least every Christmas. That’s tradition.

Keep Calm and Cook at Home
Cooking at home preserves tradition and cultural heritage. Image made by Manuel Rubio using

Sadly, nowadays traditions are not as valued as they should be, but the truth is that our culture and history depend on then.

If we all start getting delivery food every day, our home meals will disappear ­– her aunt’s chicken, your mom’s soup, even my grandma’s chocolate-coconut dessert will be gone soon.

I know sometimes it’s hard, boring and time-consuming to make our own meals, but it is the only way to preserve our traditions. I must admit that I am very happy to see how this home-made trend is getting stronger; now people like to make their own bread, jams, pickle’s and even yogurts at home.

As everything in life,  it’s just about balance. I love ordering delivery food ­­– sometimes I do it more than once a week – but I always try to spend some time in the kitchen cooking for myself. It makes me feel useful and self-sustaining… it makes me feel alive.

So, go on and order pizza on a Friday night! And try to invite some friends or family and have a nice home-made lunch on Sunday. I promise you, it will be an amazing experience.

Remember that sharing time around the table is one of the best things on building relationships.

If you liked this article please share it with your friends and family. And also, let’s comment below which one is your favourite family recipe, it’s time to share some traditions!



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